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News >> Jun 2010 - On Site Monitoring by Senior Geologist

Dr Zhao Liqing has been involved with Earth Fortune since the 1st quarter of this year. With impressive credentials, he obtained a Bachelor Degree in Geochemistry and Mineral Exploration from Changchun University of Earth Science in 1986 and thereafter his Master’s Degree in Applied Geochemistry. In 1997, he obtained his PhD in Economic Geology from The Geology Department of Peking University. Dr Zhao has many years of working experience mostly with government related gold projects throughout China.

In 2004, he joined Placer Dome China Inc. as a Senior Geologist. Later in 2006 Placer Dome was acquired by Barrick Gold. Dr Zhao continued to work for this group as a Senior Geologist reporting to the General Manager of Barick Power Gold Corp of China Ltd and also to the Exploration Director of Barrick Gold in Toronto Canada until early this year and since then has been advising Earth Fortune Ltd.
With over 20 years of experience he has brought his considerable skills to our group to ensure the highest levels of technical excellence. He will be spending 2 month at our drilling site from end of June onwards supporting the site final Definition Drillings to ensure high accuracy.